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Radar Target Simulator 

Slotted Antenna Array 

Array L-Band Antenna Array     

E-Band Diplexer

35 GHz Broad Beam Circularly Polarized Antenna

W-Band Dual-Band Filter

E-Band Septum Polarizer

Coax Adapters

Ka-Band Full Band Magic Tee

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

105 GHz Bandstop Filter

Odoo image and text block

      RayTech Inc. was created with the intent to produce a variety of quality ideas in millimeter wave designs. The main goal of RayTech Inc. is to focus on innovations and overcome current limitations in this field. Specializing in testing and creating the finest quality millimeter wave products, RayTech guarantees satsifaction and success. Please explore our wide range of standard and custom designs.